Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Few Updates...

After spending July and August at home with my family and working at an internship in New York, I returned to Rome in the beginning of September. I spent my first month back in Europe studying Italian, and now we’re into our third week of Canon Law classes at my university.

Besides the studying, I’ve also been blessed to participate in a number of beautiful events, such as: the North American College’s diaconate Ordination at St. Peter’s basilica, the Mass for the opening of the Year of Faith, and the canonization of Sts. Kateri Tekakwitha and Marianne Cope (both of them New Yorkers!)

It’s a blessing and a privilege to be studying in Rome—but at the same time, it can be a rather demanding blessing! It’s still very challenging for me to study in a foreign language, so I truly don’t always have the time or the mental energy to update this blog as often as I would like.

But based on comments I’ve been receiving lately in real life, it seems like a lot of people still find “Sponsa Christi” to be a helpful resource, so I have every intention of keeping this blog up and running. I just ask that regular readers please be very patient with me, and that they say a prayer once in a while for the success of my studies.

Finally, even though I haven’t been able to publish a regular post in far too long a time, I did manage to create two new pages over the summer (accessible via the links running across the top of the page).

Way of Life” outlines my own thoughts on how a vocation to consecrated virginity can be most fully expressed on a concrete level; and “Church Fathers” gives a basic working bibliography of the Church Fathers’ writings on virginity, complete with links to all the English translations of their work that I was able to find online.

I’m also slowly but surely working on typing out the Latin typical edition of the Rite of Consecrated to a Life of Virginity, so that I can post it on its own page. (Unfortunately, I don’t think the original Latin version—as important as it is!—is currently available anywhere on the internet.) Eventually, I’d also like to create a page dedicated to listing other vocational resources I’ve found helpful. So stay tuned!