Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Vocations Website for the Diocese of Raleigh, NC

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina just launched an excellent new diocesan Vocations website last month: And, they included a page on consecrated virgins!

As far as I know, this is the first diocesan vocations website in the country to give consecrated virginity such a prominent place.

Special thanks to Brad Watkins (administrator of the “Roman Catholic Vocations” blog) and the Diocese of Raleigh Vocation Office for inviting me to write an article on consecrated virginity for their website. As always, I’m specially grateful to those who help make this vocation better understood and appreciated.


E. B. said...

Great! I am re-posting this!

Sponsa Christi said...

Thanks, Emily! :-)

Pachyderm said...

Great article on the website. Very informative but also gives something of the flavour of your call.

Blessings on all your ways!

Brian said...

Interesting - I belong to the Archdiocese of Newark. I will have to check out the website. If they do not have a mention
of "Consecrated virgins", I will mention it to them and see if they can include some information.

God bless!

Sponsa Christi said...


Funny you should mention this… Actually, the Archdiocese of Newark is working on a new vocations website, and they also asked me to write an article for it.

I’m an alumna of Seton Hall University, and while I was there I become friends with a Sister who now works in the Newark Vocation Office (she’s the Sister in the long gray traditional habit who’s in a lot of my consecration pictures). Over the summer she asked me if I could contribute some photos and write about my vocation story.

Brian said...

How wonderful! I know Seton Hall very well - you may know the Chaplain - Fr. John D. We have been together as dear friends - for 50 years! We started school together in Kindergarten.

As you know, the diocesean newspaper is "The Catholic Advocate." Maybe you can publish an article in this paper.

Sponsa Christi said...

Of course I know Fr. John! :-) ALL of the Catholic students at SHU know Fr. John D—he’s a great chaplain, and really goes out of his way to be there for the students.

Cor Jesu said...

During the summer of 2009, I approached Father Ned about becoming a consecrated virgin in the Raleigh Diocese. He has approached the Bishop regarding this matter. I was delighted to see the new website and the article on consecrated virgin. Hopefully this will inspire other women in the diocese.