Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Writing in Other Places

Unfortunately, I’ve been letting the blog slide a quite bit lately (though I do hope to have some new posts up soon.) Part of the reason for the lack of posts here is that I’ve been busy with other writing projects. Here are some articles of mine, which I think will be of special interest to “Sponsa Christi” readers, that have recently been published in other places:

The Oldest Form of Consecrated Life Is Also the Newest,and It’s Growing! (February 11, 2016, on Aleteia.org) – Some of my reflections on the recent international symposium for the Ordo Virginum held in Rome to celebrate of the closing of the Year of Consecrated Life.

In Lieu of Female Deacons, a Proposal (November 11, 2015 in Crisis Magazine) – Wherein I opine that, rather than spending time and resources discussing the possibility of instituting some sort of female diaconate, it might be more fruitful if the Church focused instead on promoting and supporting the Ordo Virginum, as consecrated virgins could easily fulfill many of the perceived pastoral needs which tend to prompt discussion of women deacons.

The Vocation of Consecrated Virginity (February 18, 2015 for Leonie’s Longing) – Some information and advice for former religious Sisters who may be considering becoming consecrated virgins.

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Michelle said...

So was there anything concrete as far as instituting discernment and formation processes for aspiring consecrated virgins? As I go forward in my discernment, I feel a bit insecure that there isn't anything akin to monastic community's formation protocols. But I guess that means I just need to depend more on the Holy Spirit!

Sponsa Christi said...


Sorry for the delay! At the symposium in Rome, there was some mention of the need for a more organized formation process and some passing references to some sort of official document on the Ordo Virginum (which presumably would include directives on formation). But unfortunately, we didn't hear about anything really specific! Rightly or wrongly, coping with a lack of formal structure in discernment and formation is a fairly typical experience for those becoming consecrated virgins at this point in history.