Thursday, June 11, 2009

Any Questions?

If anyone—especially newer readers—has any specific questions about consecrated virginity lived in the world, please feel free to ask them in the comment box. In addition to providing me with more material for writing posts, this would also help me gain a better idea of what topics I should be addressing in this blog.

Just keep in mind that, unlike e-mail correspondence, I consider everything written in the comment box to be public. So I reserve the right to quote and discuss readers’ comments in my regular posts (and also to correct spelling and grammar where necessary).

And please always remember to consider the source! While I certainly answer all questions to the best of my ability, and try to refer to magisterial documents whenever possible, I am still only a twenty-four-year-old graduate student who was consecrated not six months ago. So don’t mistake this blog for something authoritative! :-)


Dr. Linda Shookster said...

NET TV, the Brooklyn Diocesan station, highlighted Consecrated Virgins last night on their new news show, Currents. They gave a nice summary and a link for more information:

Anonymous said...


I have a question - in your life as a CV so far, what has been as you expected it would be and what has been a surprise?


cheryl said...


I just came across your blog via Jennifer's Favorite Links. Consecrated Virginity was something I've only recently heard about and am looking forward to reading about your particular experiences. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be espoused to God, but given family and health issues knew life as a nun was not for me. I'm so very glad to finally find an answer to my dilemma--at least a possible one. Right now, I'm still trying to sort these things out. Also, I had to laugh when I read that you wanted to be a canon lawyer as canon law is fast becoming one of my pet interests (I'm not sure how many of us are around lol. It's nice to find a kindred-spirit). God Bless.

Randy said...

Interesting to read your story. I noticed you are studying theology. So it seems like you are thinking of teaching and contemplating the faith. Is it possible that what is needed here is an order of nuns that will study theology and then do minstry using their higher education? Did you find such an order and it just still was not a good fit? Or did you look and not find anything like that? Would one of you hopes or dreams be to start such an order?

I do wonder because I have a daughter who seems to have a disposition for religious life. It is hard to tell at 13 but it would not surprise anyone who knows her. But she has a great acedemic mind. I say "but" because most orders don't seem to focus on having their members possibly earn a post graduate degree. So it seems like you can't have both religious life and high education. But you are doing it, sort of.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of a concecrated virgin..ever. Is this the same as single life? Like the three vocations;religious life/priesthood, marriage and single life? I know the name hints to its purpose but could you or someone explain?
Thanks a lot!

-16 yr old girl said...

i would like to say that you have a wonderful web site and it is very refreshing to know that young women today,such as yourself,are choosing Consecrated Virginity as a life choice.may Jesus and Mary continue to grant you Thier choice crosses and graces.

Brother Crucified,Passionist Lay Penitent