Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Sidewalk Chalk Drawing…

…from Ave Maria, Florida!

I came across this drawing on my way back from Mass earlier today, and I thought it was too cute to pass by without taking a picture.

It illustrates the story of Jesus’ walking on water, recounted in Matthew 14:23-33.

The stick figure on the left is presumably Jesus, since he’s standing on top of the waves and is saying “Do not be afraid!” in his word bubble. The stick figures in the boat are the apostles, since as describes in the Gospel passage, they are exhibiting their fear by crying “Ghost!”

I’m not sure about the artist—was it a precocious grade-schooler, or a stressed-out graduate theology student trying to revisit the halcyon days of childhood, before midterms and thesis writing?

On argument against a graduate-student artist is that the drawing does not represent the Gospel account with total accuracy—specifically, the happy-face sun would not seem to correspond with the evangelist’s description of this episode as occurring in “the fourth watch of the night,” and during a violent storm.

But, it made me smile all the same.


Anonymous said...

Nice. It made me smile too. Thanks.

Brian said...

Very nice picture! Simple yet so profound. And those words "Do not be afraid", I remember when John Paul II opened the doors, stepped out, and proclaimed these words to the world. Thank God for our Christian hope!

*** Hope you are enjoying Florida - it was one crazy day today in New Jersey - snow, snow and more snow!!

Braut des Lammes said...

That's very nice, indeed. Thank you! :)

Paul Smith said...

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lucyinthesky said...

made me smile too :) i stumbled on your blog by accident, but its really interesting...look forward to reading more!

Sponsa Christi said...

I’m glad you all liked this! This picture was actually sort of a borderline “is this too silly to post” kind of thing.

Brian: I heard all about the snow! I got a call from a Seton Hall priest last week, and he gave me the details. We had a hard week in southern Florida as well…it was down to sixty! ;) (But earlier this year, it actually got so cold that there were iguanas falling out of palm trees—and no, I’m not making that up!)

Paul and Lucy:

Welcome! I’m happy you like the blog.