Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope Is Here!

(A note on the photo: this is what some of the "Pope tickets" look like--I thought it was interesting.)

It just boggles my mind to think that the Pope--Christ's number-one representative on earth--is right now here in our country! And I also can't believe that I will see him in person later this week!

Last Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Easter, was "Good Shepard Sunday", and the readings from the Gospel at Mass this week focus on Christ's role as the pastor of His flock. I found this rather Providential, as it gave me an opportunity to reflect on how fortunate we are as Catholics to have a Pope. Not only does the Pope preserve the orthodoxy of our beliefs and the unity and universality of our Church, but he is also a visible reminder of Christ's continuing concern for His people.

I am even happier than I thought I would be about the Holy Father's apostolic journey to the United States!


Mary Rose said...

Dear Sister in the faith,

I came upon your blog because both of us joined St. Blog's Parish during the same time. Your blog name intrigued me. I have read a few entries and am just blown away!

First, I'm just returning to the Catholic church after years of being away. But I am so filled with joy about it. (Which surprised the heck out of me! I spent years serving in non-denominational churches...)

Anyway. You're on my blog list because it is my deepest desire to work with young Catholic women. I'm in the midst of praying about it now and investigating various organizations. While I was in other churches, I taught in a ministry school and led several Bible study groups for women your age. I loved it and feel this is part of my gifting.

However, I never heard of a Consecrated Virgin as being a vocation - separate from becoming a nun. I think this is beautiful that such a vocation exists!

I could be wrong, but I have a hunch that God is going to use you to inform other young women about this vocation. I believe He is preparing you for your devotion. He already has gifted you as a skilled writer. Perhaps someone reading my blog will be "caught" by your blog and pray about it.

I'm so glad you persevered! God bless you in your studies. :-)

Sponsa Christi said...

Dear Mary Rose,

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. (It means a lot!)