Thursday, May 15, 2008

Any Questions?

Over the past few months, my posts have been more along the lines of personal reflections corresponding to the major feasts and seasons (albeit vis-à-vis my particular vocation). However, now that we are in Ordinary Time, I would like to write on consecrated virginity in the world more directly.

So if anyone has any (respectful) questions, please feel free to ask them! It would be a big help for me in deciding what topics to cover.


Anonymous said...

Question #1

What role has the Blessed Mother (the model for all motherhood, and especially spiritual motherhood) played in your faith journey?

Anonymous said...

I do have a question I'd like you to cover. I have been discerning canon 604 in my own life, but have been a little baffled by the different opinions regarding wearing a veil and being called sister. A priest from EWTN encouraged it (not to mention that two consecrated virgins have or had a show and they wear habits and are called sister), whereas the US Association of Consecrated Virgins says it's wrong to wear a veil or be called sister. Finally I wrote to the Vatican to find out what Rome says. They say it is legitimate to wear a veil and be called sister, it is just up to the Bishop. Why is there such a strong push to say no veil or being called sister here in America. It seems to me that each person should discern, along with the local Bishop of course, how they feel God calling them to live out their way of life as a "bride of Christ."

Anonymous said...

Not a question, just a comment to say that I really like your blog (which I just found through Sr Julie's site where we both left comments), and even more I find it encouraging that there are young women like yourself who feel called to embrace consecrated virginity. Personally, I know I need a community (I'm a Cistercian, Trappist branch), but I am very pleased to know that others are walking a parallel path to the same goal.
God bless!
Sr Eleanor

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honest advice on the consecrated life. I am 23 years old and know that for health reasons marriage is -unfortunately- not a realistic aspiration. I am committed to living the spiritual life of a consecrated virgin even if I never receive the title. I am curious about the particulars of possessing the title. I am wondering what it means - practically speaking - when in the rite of consecration the young woman promises to "serve God and the Church." Does the bishop have certain expectations of her besides faithful and joyful service in whatever job she possesses? Does he check up on her regularly? Also, how was it possible for you to be consecrated at so young an age? I was under the impression that you had to be at least 25 for the bishop to consider your case.
Thank you again!