Sunday, May 11, 2008

Come, Holy Spirit!

Pentecost has always been one of my favorite days on the Church's calendar.

Yet, admittedly, I'm always a little sad when this Solemnity comes, as it signals the end of Easter and thus the start of our long trudge through Ordinary Time. But I know I shouldn't feel this way, because Pentecost gives us a clue as to how we should understand this upcoming liturgical season--as a time to perservere in joyful hope.

The descent of the Holy Spirit is the "birthday" of the Church, and likewise, the start of our present reality. In a sense, it is still Pentecost. Even though literal tongues of flame aren't resting on anyone's head right now (at least not around here), once the Holy Spirit came to us He never left.

Pentecost this year happened to coincide with my college graduation. In fact, my university's Pentecost Mass was also our Mass of Academic Investiture. It seems so perfect to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit at a time when we are in such special need of Him--i.e., when we are preparing (hopefully) to go out into the world as "apostles" and witnesses to Christ.

On a personal note, I will be going to graduate school in the Fall. I was accepted into an M.A. Theology program (with a full scholarship!!!) at another Catholic university. And what's better, my request to become a consecrated virgin just received definite approval from the local ordinary. Needless to say, the past month has been VERY exciting.

So in light of everything which has just come together for me, I would very much appreciate the prayers of anyone who reads this.

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